May 28, 2019

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    How does Spartina alterniflora react to long-term wave exposure?

    A multi-national team has been investigating how Spartina alterniflora (also Sporobolus alterniflorus) reacts to long-term wave expsoure. The findings could affect planning for ecosystem-based flood defences. Professor Dongdong Shao of Beijing Normal University explained why they chose Spartina alterniflora to study: “We chose S. alterniflora as the test species mainly because it is a perennial […] More

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    Responses of plant leaf economic and hydraulic traits mediate the effects of drought on grassland productivity

    Water availability is a key driver of net primary production. Extreme drought events are forecasted to increase in intensity and frequency within the century with big impacts on ecosystem productivity. This will also have important economic consequences, notably in grasslands, which are the core areas for forage production worldwide. However, temperate grasslands commonly used for […] More