May 23, 2019

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    Differential adaptation and species diversification between two Melastoma species and their F1 hybrid

    In speciation, the formation of new lineages can be driven by two basic evolutionary processes—lineage divergence and lineage fusion. Lineage divergence can happen through differential adaptation or genetic drift, with the former expected to proceed more rapidly when the effective population size is large.Lineage fusion through hybridization, on the other hand, can provide raw material […] More

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    Ecophysiology of early lineage vascular plants

    Tropical understory communities are highly diverse, and plants in these environments must optimize functional traits to ensure ecological and evolutionary success. Campany et al. survey the ecophysiology of two spore bearing vascular plant groups, Selaginella and ferns, in a lowland Costa Rican tropical forest understory. Selaginella in shade has higher chlorophyll levels and lower light […] More