May 17, 2019

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  • Images of three different sexual phenotypes of hexaploid M. annua
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    A new biological species in the Mercurialis annua polyploid complex

    In eastern Spain (and many other places if you look) you can find Mercurialis annua, a plant with a complicated sex life. A new paper by Wen-Juan Ma and colleagues examine two polyploid species that formed after Mercurialis annua hybridised, duplicated its genome, and became polyploid. The paper, A new biological species in the Mercurialis […] More

  • Variation in observable traits

    Call for Papers: Intraspecific variation in plant functional traits for Annals of Botany

    Special Issue Guest Editors: Dr. Kasey Barton, University of Hawaii at Manoa Dr. Andrea Westerband, Macquarie University, Australia Dr. Jennifer Funk, Chapman University, California Plant functional trait analysis has emerged as a widespread approach aimed at revealing mechanisms underlying stress tolerance, species distributions and niche space, species interactions, community assembly, and ecosystem dynamics. Functional ecologists […] More