November 7, 2018

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  • Sketch of the gadget for measuring mass (in grams) of roots of 3-day-old maize seedlings towards horizontal obstacles
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    Root cap-mediated evaluation of soil resistance in Zea mays and the relevance of ethylene

    Plant roots have to overcome a broad range of mechanical hindrances besides biological and chemical impacts. As an example, roots have to evaluate whether they sidestep an obstacle or continue growing in the original growth direction, tolerating conditions impaired to varying degrees. Root tips possess a special organ, the root cap, which initiates growth deviation. […] More

  • Red Oak Foliage
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    Waking up to respiration: leaf respiration in the light alters our interpretation of ecosystem carbon fluxes

    In plants, respiration is usually inhibited in the light compared to the dark. Measuring respiration in the light is particularly difficult, because photosynthesis and photorespiration are occurring as well. Understanding how light respiration changes with temperature is crucial for predicting how ecosystem-level CO2 exchange will respond to climate change, which can feed back and amplify […] More

  • Petunia secreta and its bee pollinator

    Do we truly understand pollination syndromes in Petunia as much as we suppose?

    Petunia is a genus of flowering plants endemic to South American grasslands. Species of this genus exhibit variation in flower colour and shape, attracting bees, hawkmoths or hummingbirds. This group of plants is thus an excellent model system for evolutionary studies of diversification associated with pollinator shifts. Petunia secreta is a rare species that can be found in […] More