November 5, 2018

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    Plant food and sex (lots of sex!)

    Sex on the Kitchen Table: The Romance of Plants and your Food by Norman C Ellstrand 2018. University of Chicago Press. What comes to mind at the mention of sex on the kitchen table? * Perhaps many different things – most of which probably can’t be shared in this blog. However, probably what doesn’t readily […] More

  • Parental species and its transgressive hybrid offspring
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    Phenotypic plasticity of polyploid plant species promotes transgressive behaviour in their hybrids

    Hybridization is a common process that leads to relevant evolutionary and ecological consequences. The genotypes resulting from hybridization commonly show phenotypic traits with intermediate values between both parents, however hybrids can also display phenotypic traits outside the ranges of both parents as a result of heterosis or hybrid vigour. This can allow hybrid offspring to […] More