October 11, 2018

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  • Summary diagram of the processes impacting plants and plant-based foods in the diet.
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    Is there a role for plant science in underpinning the objective of global nutritional security?

    The challenges of achieving global food security have become more demanding as scientists have realized that not only calorie content but also food composition and colonic microbial content impact our health and well-being, dramatically. The ways that the nutrients we consume affect our health are highly complex due to the diversity of what we eat, […] More

  • SEM images of dormant and non-dormant seeds
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    The adaptive role of physical dormancy in mimetic seeds

    Several hypotheses have been described for the evolution of impermeable seed coat, i.e. physical dormancy. It regulates the timing of seed germination in species of several genera belonging to 18 angiosperm families. It also occurs in some mimetic species whose seeds mimic brightly coloured, fleshy fruits or arilled seeds. However, no attempts have been made […] More