October 10, 2018

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  • A conceptual model of events during reproduction of diploid B. stricta.
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    Establishing the cell biology of apomixis in Boechera

    The genus Boechera (Brassicaceae) is comprised of both sexual and apomictic species, permitting comparative analyses of meiotic disturbances and parthenogenesis. Hybridization, polyploidy and environmental adaptation that arose during the evolution of Boechera may serve as (epi)genetic regulators of apomictic initiation in this genus. Rojek et al. focus on B. stricta, a primarily sexually reproducing species […] More

  • A 3D recreation of a soybean, Glycine max L. Merr., crop canopy generated using a functional-structural plant model in the software GroIMP.
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    Modelling leaf spectral properties in a soybean canopy

    Accurate modelling of light–plant interactions requires knowledge on how light interacts with leaves within the canopy, which can be difficult to measure and model in dynamic and heterogeneous canopies. Coussement et al. show that non-destructive, fast measurements of the chlorophyll content index are an accurate predictor for leaf spectral characteristics. They link this index with […] More