October 5, 2018

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  • Lobelia dortmanna
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    CO2 and O2 dynamics in aquatic C3 or CAM plants

    Pedersen et al. describe a new amperometric CO2 microsensor and an O2 microsensor elucidated the dynamics in leaf pCO2 and pO2 during light–dark cycles for C3 Lobelia dortmanna (Campanulaceae) and CAM Littorella uniflora (Plantaginaceae) aquatic plants. During the dark period, for the C3 plant pCO2 increases, whereas for the CAM plant CO2 remains low owing […] More

  • Silene stellata
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    Population genetics of a plant and its parasitic pollinator moth

    Many species exist on isolated habitats connected by dispersal of individuals. The evolutionary dynamics between two interacting species can be strongly influenced by the difference in mobility. Using highly variable genetic markers, Zhou et al. compare the genetic differentiation between a perennial herb, the starry campion Silene stellata (Caryophyllaceae) and its major pollinator moth, Hadena […] More