Annals of Botany

A new methodology to simplify the recalibration of FSP models

Functional–structural plant models (FSPM) define the interactions between the plants and their environment at organ to plant scale. However, the high level of description of the structure or model mechanisms makes this type of model very complex and hard to calibrate.

conceptual diagram

Mathieu et al. propose a two-step method to facilitate the calibration process based on first a sensitivity analysis on the calibration criterion, and second the Akaike Information Criterion. For the studied winter oilseed rape model, 11 out of 26 estimated parameters were selected. Then, the model could be recalibrated for a different data set by re-estimating only three parameters selected with the model selection method.

Fitting only a small number of parameters dramatically increases the efficiency of recalibration, increases the robustness of the model and helps identify the principal sources of variation in varying environmental conditions. This innovative method still needs to be more widely validated but already gives interesting avenues to improve the calibration of FSPMs.