September 6, 2018

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    The incredible journey of etrog, a most religious fruit

    Etrog: How a Chinese fruit became a Jewish symbol by David Moster 2018. Palgrave Pivot. It is fair to say that Etrog: How a Chinese fruit became a Jewish symbol [hereafter referred to as Etrog] by Dr Rabbi David Moster is not a book I would have selected for scrutiny – unprompted. That’s not because […] More

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    Ecology of Floristic Quality Assessment: testing for correlations between coefficients of conservatism, species traits and mycorrhizal responsiveness

    Many plant species are limited to habitats relatively unaffected by anthropogenic disturbance, so protecting these undisturbed habitats is essential for plant conservation. Coefficients of conservatism (C values) are numeric values assigned to plant species to indicate their sensitivity to anthropogenic disturbance, and these values are increasingly used to prioritize natural areas for conservation and monitor […] More