August 29, 2018

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  • fake plastic trees
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    LEGO’s new sustainable plastic plants are made from plants, but are they green?

    From August 1 2018, LEGO will begin distribution of the company’s first set of sustainable bricks, “Plants from Plants”, in the form of botanical elements, such as trees, bushes and leaves. Announced on March 1, 2018, these new elements will be made from sugarcane-based polyethylene. This new era of production marks the beginning of the […] More

  • Clover in grass.

    Grass-legume mixtures in a cool climate

    In the marginal regions of Europe, grassland-based livestock systems are dominated by grass monocultures receiving relatively high levels of fertilizer. Would the inclusion of clovers improve their productivity and sustainability? Helgadóttir et al. grew monocultures and mixtures of two grass and two clover species under different N-fertilizer levels in extreme growing conditions for five years. […] More