August 21, 2018

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    Raising awareness of plant blindness

    Readers of this column will know that there is a problem with the inability – or unwillingness – of people generally to appreciate plants. This is the well-recognised phenomenon of plant blindness. Although we’ve talked about it before in Plant Cuttings items, it’s now time to go visual. To that end I’d shamelessly like to […] More

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    The maize lil1 gene is involved in plant growth and drought response

    The brassinosteroids hormones are involved in plant development and plant–environment interactions. In this work, Castorina et al. performed a detailed analysis of lilliputian1-1 (lil1-1), a mutant impaired in the last steps of the brassinosteroid pathway. Lack of brassinosteroid active molecules causes a drastic reduction in seedling elongation, affects root gravitropic curvature and alters cell density […] More