August 15, 2018

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  • Pollination after a fire
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    Plant-animal interactions deal with wildfires in unexpected ways

    A guest post by Yedra García, María Clara Castellanos and Juli G. Pausas Wildfires might seem like dramatic events, even in ecosystems where they are fully natural. Yet plants and animals have evolved all sorts of strategies to cope with them. But what happens to sensitive animal-plant interactions after a fire? Our recent studies show […] More

  • Vellozia

    Diversification of the resurrection monocot family Velloziaceae

    The greater diversity of plant clades in the Neotropics compared to their relatives in Africa is a pervasive pattern in biogeography. To better understand the causes of this imbalance, Alcantara and colleagues studied the diversification dynamics of the monocot family Velloziaceae. In addition to being conspicuously richer in the Neotropics compared to the Palaeotropics, many […] More