July 11, 2018

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  • SEM micrograph of an anthetic Geranium maderense flower showing the complex synorganisation and revolver architecture.
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    On nectaries and floral architecture

    Nectaries are the most interesting organs in flowers – at least to me. Compared to other floral organs (i.e. perianth organs, stamens and carpels), the position of nectaries is not necessarily fixed within the floral morphology. This makes them especially interesting to evolutionary studies. Additionally, and most importantly, nectaries produce nectar. In many angiosperm flowers, […] More

  • Spanish scrubland.

    Non-structural carbohydrate dynamics in shrubland under drought-induced die-off

    The relationship between plant carbon economy and drought responses of co-occurring woody species can be assessed by comparing carbohydrate (C) dynamics following drought and rain periods, relating these dynamics to species’ functional traits. Lloret et al. studied nine woody species coexisting in a continental Mediterranean shrubland that experienced severe drought effects followed by rain. The […] More