July 10, 2018

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    Inspiring the Botanists of the future

    Part of the goal of Plant Cuttings items is to share news of botanical research with the wider plant-minded community, the better to advertise that wonderful example of human scientific endeavour. And that’s fine for promoting the work of established plant scientists. But what about the not unimportant – i.e. very important – matter of […] More

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    Degradation of chlorophyll and synthesis of flavonols during autumn senescence – the story told by individual leaves

    Chlorophylls are degraded and flavonoids synthesized during autumn senescence of deciduous trees. In a recent study by Mattila et al. published in AoB PLANTS, chlorophyll and flavonol contents of individual leaves of a number of deciduous tree species (rowan, Norway maple, silver birch and bird cherry) were monitored non-destructively throughout the autumn. Loss of chlorophyll […] More