June 14, 2018

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  • Discoveries in the Garden cover

    Discovering Discoveries in the Garden

    Discoveries in the garden by James Nardi, 2018. University of Chicago Press. I must have reached some level of fame because a few weeks ago a copy of Discoveries in the Garden by James Nardi arrived in my pigeon hole at work. Although it contained no specific instructions as to what I was supposed to […] More

  • A picture of Aconitum austrokoreense

    Genetic diversity and structure of an endangered medicinal herb: implications for conservation

    Human-driven habitat fragmentation leads to spatial isolation of endangered plant species, increasing extinction risk. Understanding genetic variability and population structure of rare and isolated plant species is of great importance for assessing extinction risk and setting up conservation plans. A recent study by Lee et al. published in AoB PLANTS investigates the extinction risk of […] More