March 7, 2018

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    Contrasting soil-texture niches, competitive abilities, and coexistence

    When closely related plant species occur in the same region, their distributions at small spatial scales are expected to depend on whether they have evolved different tolerances to variation in the environment. Whether species can coexist in the long term should depend on differences in their ability to compete for resources. In a recent article […] More

  • Tissue-specific expression of NPC2 by histochemical GUS reporter assay

    Non-Specific Phospholipase C2 (NPC2) in plant immune responses in Arabidopsis

    The non-specific phospholipases C (NPC) are recently discovered new subclass of plant phospholipases. Most of them have not yet been characterised thoroughly. Krčková et al. prepare and purify Arabidopsis thaliana NPC2 in a heterologous system, and experimentally proved its phospholipase activity in vitro. Using lines overexpressing NPC2: GFP. They determine its endomembrane (preferentially Golgi apparatus) […] More