August 23, 2017

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    Stigmatic limitations on reproductive success in a paleotropical tree

    Success in reproduction is subject to the successful initiation as well as successful completion of a chain of consecutive events starting from flower formation and ending with viable seed production. A recent article published by Raina et al. in AoB PLANTS focuses on how thigmotropic stigmas, which open, close and re-open in response to touch, […] More

  • Caragana versicolor

    Stress or Strain Gradient Hypothesis?

    The Stress Gradient Hypothesis (SGH) proposes that competition prevails in undisturbed and productive environments, and shifts to facilitation in disturbed or stressful environments. Yet the environmental condition where facilitation or competition prevails is highly debated. Liancourt et al. investigate variation in plant interactions, by analysing how Caragana versicolor species and associated community perceive and respond […] More