August 9, 2017

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    Breeding system and pollination of two related bamboo species

    The characteristics of the breeding systems of woody bamboo species are not well defined, although this knowledge is important for research on the genetic improvement and conservation of bamboo forests. A recent study published in AoB PLANTS by Chen et al. is the first report on variations in the breeding systems of mass and sporadically […] More

  • A theoretical overview of crosses involving reduced (dashed arrows) and unreduced (solid arrows) gametes of diploid (red with black stroke) and tetraploid (blue with black stroke) parents and cytotypes of the resulting offspring

    Spatio-temporal dynamics of diploid – polyploid contact zones in an annual herb

    Hybrid zones, or zones of genetic admixture of different intraspecific cytotypes, provide clues to evolutionary transitions and the mechanisms of polyploid speciation. Čertner et al. present insights into the spatio-temporal dynamics of diploid – polyploid contact zones. A combination of flow cytometry and large-scale field sampling enables comparison of cytotype diversity across spatial and temporal […] More