July 19, 2017

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    Sex-specific functional traits in cycads

    The Mesozoic is often referred to as the “age of cycads”. During this period, dinosaurs roamed vast cycad forests, yet modern cycads are a vestige of their Mesozoic glory. Extant species represent the oldest lineage of dioecious seed-bearing plants. This curious phylogenic position is matched by their unusual ecology: most species are extremely rare while […] More

  • Simplified phylogeny of the green plant lineage focusing on the occurrence of WGD (whole-genome duplication) events

    Polyploidy and interspecific hybridization shape adaptation, speciation and evolution

    About half of all higher plant species are recognizable as evolutionarily recent polyploids, where multiple whole genomes or sets of chromosomes have come together from close ancestors. Additionally, over evolutionary time, all flowering plants have at least one polyploidy event, also known as a whole-genome duplication (WGD), in their ancestry, from before the divergence of […] More