July 5, 2017

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  • Cosmic Farming

    MELiSSA delivers AstroPlant

    We have an interest in plant biology in space here on the blog, so naturally we’re excited about MELiSSA’s AstroPlant desktop greenhouse. Normally we’re blogging about either space salad or else plant development in space. What you see below has wider horizons than that. The Acronym MELiSSA is for the Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative. […] More

  • Geographical distribution of different gene pools detected through Mediterranean and Iran using Structure software

    Eastern expansions of itinerant olive (Olea europaea)

    Mapping a new direction for the origin and distribution of olive (Olea europaea), Mousavi et al. measure genetic diversity levels and population genetic structure of a representative set of Iranian ecotypes and varieties of olives screened by chloroplast and nuclear markers. The results of this analysis are coupled with archaeo-botanical and historical data, tracing a […] More