June 26, 2017

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  • Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) experiencing winter stress.

    Recovering from winter: how conifers overcome their own seasonal affective disorder

    Evergreen conifers face a unique challenge during winter: it is too cold for photosynthesis, but their leaves still absorb light energy. This can be dangerous to leaf tissues if the absorbed light energy is not dissipated. Plants can get rid of excess light energy absorbed by light harvesting complexes through the xanthophyll cycle, whereby a […] More

  • Effect of pollination and herbivory treatments on the strength and direction of selection on several floral and inflorescence architecture traits in Lythrum salicaria

    The role of herbivory in the selection of floral traits

    Pollinators are often given precedence as the primary drivers behind the evolution of floral traits. Yet a growing body of research is beginning to stress the importance of other significant selective agents, particularly the role of herbivores that damage flower and fruit structures. By experimentally manipulating a population of Lythrum salicaria, Thomsen and Sargent demonstrate […] More