June 21, 2017

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  • The hawkmoth Basiothia schenki visiting a flower of the orchid Disa crassicorni at dusk in the Drakensberg Mountains. Free State, South Africa. Photo credit: Michael R. Whitehead.

    Call for Papers: Special issue on the Ecology and Evolution of Plant Reproduction

    Botanists have long been fascinated by the extraordinary diversity in flowering plant reproductive patterns and have sought to understand the ecological processes and genetic mechanisms influencing plant mating. Over the last five years, research progress in this discipline has rapidly accelerated. Important new insights in this field often combine elegant theoretical models with innovative field […] More

  • Flow chart relating effects of decline and silvicultural treatment to above- and below-ground responses in Quercus robur L., and their relationship with forest ecosystem.

    Fine root and ectomycorrhizal colonisation dynamics in a declining oak forest

    Oak decline is still a characterised by symptoms of canopy transparency, bark cracks and reduced root biomass. Decline causes losses of fine root length, and a moderate recovery can be achieved by thinning, allowing better soil exploration by roots. Mosca et al. investigate fine root and ectomycorrhizal colonisation dynamics using sequential soil coring over two […] More