May 17, 2017

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    #BotanyLive is… LIVE!

    #BotanyLive, a series of plant-based videos from various locations, for Fascination of Plants Day is now live. You can get a list of events at the Botany Live website. It’s not a full list of events because anyone can join in. We’re recommending Periscope, but you’ll see that the front page of the site is […] More

  • Distributions of fine root diameter, computed on the basis of length, for the species included in the study

    Nutrient foraging linked to population growth in understory shrubs

    Temperate forests have experienced surges in nitrogen supply since pre-industrial times, together with understory disruptions such as invasions and declines of formerly abundant species. Caplan et al. suggest that there may be a mechanistic link between these shifts, and show that rates of biomass production and population growth in forest shrubs are associated with nutrient […] More