April 27, 2017

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    How you can use online herbaria to learn about plants

    As part of Plant Facts Week (#PlantFactsWeek🌱) ¬†we present this post about online herbaria and the great things you can learn about plants and get involved in a citizen science project from Louise Marsh, Communications Officer at The Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland. For almost a decade, I was fortunate enough to work in […] More

  • Ceratopetalum edgardoromeroi Gandolfo and Hermsen, sp. nov.

    A new addition to the Patagonian Ceratopetalum five-winged fossil fruit family

    Museomic approaches are employed in order to establish an evolutionary, palaeoecological, and biogeographic context for radially symmetrical, five-winged fossil fruits from the highly diverse early Eocene Laguna del Hunco flora of Chubut Province. Gandolfo and Hermsen draw comparisons with other fossil and modern fruits and describe the new species Ceratopetalum edgardo-romeroi (Cunoniaceae). In addition to […] More