April 4, 2017

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  • Peter Barlow

    Call for Papers: A Special Issue on Developmental Plant Cell Biology, in honour of Peter Barlow

    From Root Biology, via Plant Cytoskeleton, Polarity, Gravity, Plant Signalling and Intelligence, Biological Rhythms up to Patterns, and Evolution of Eukaryotic Cells Recently, Peter Barlow (latterly Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, UK), formerly of Long Ashton Research Station (UK), Letcombe Laboratory (Wantage, UK), and Cambridge University’s Unit of Developmental Botany, passed away. Peter […] More

  • How do plant-parasitic nematodes alleviate the stress of an apoplast ‘on fire’?

    Stress responses in plant parasitic nematodes

    Well-known as key regulators of cellular signalling in Caenorhabditis elegans and some animal-parasitic nematodes, DAF-16 and SKN-1n transcription factors in the phylum Nematoda modulate many pathways including antioxidant and oxidative stress responses. Gillet et al. provide an overview of the molecular interplay between plant parasitic nematodes (PPN) and their hosts focusing on the early stages […] More