April 3, 2017

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  • Sampling plots of Mikania micrantha in Guangdong Province, South China.

    From South America to Shenzhen, China; road trip of an invasive weed

    The South American weed Mikania micrantha has spread rapidly across Southern China since its introduction to the Shenzhen region in 1984. Geng et al. used SSR markers to investigate and map genetic diversification of this weed along highways. The results show a relatively low level of genetic differentiation, a lack of clear geographic genetic structure […] More

  • Schematic representation of X. fastidiosa interaction with resistant and susceptible genotypes.

    Citrus plant immunity: molecular mechanisms underlying pathogen-citrus interactions

    In order to develop novel control strategies for disease prevention in citrus, it is essential to expand and consolidate our knowledge regarding the molecular interaction of citrus plants with their pathogens, especially regarding fundamental key-players such as PAMPs, PRRs, effectors and R-genes. This review by Dalio et al. provides an overview of our understanding of […] More