March 29, 2017

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    Phytomer development in a C4 grass

    The morphology of almost all grasses can be conceptualized as a hierarchical arrangement of subunits, termed phytomers. Therefore, knowledge of phytomer growth and development serves as a basis to elucidate the rhythm of grass growth. A recent study published in AoB PLANTS by Yang et al. provides systematic analyses of the process of phytomer development […] More

  • Antiviral innate immunity in plants.

    Antiviral innate and adaptive immunity mechanisms

    This review article summarises the molecular mechanisms of the antiviral immune system in plants and reports the latest breakthroughs relating to plant defence against viruses. Particular attention is given to the immune receptors and transduction pathways in antiviral innate immunity that are involved in pathogen-associated molecular pattern (PAMP)-triggered immunity, effector-triggered immunity and the translational control […] More