March 24, 2017

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    Seed priming confers rice cold tolerance during seed germination

    Mechanization and simplification are inevitable trends in agriculture to decrease input demands and simultaneously improve resource use efficiency. Dry direct-seeded rice is a resource-saving cropping system and has been considered as a replacement for traditional transplanted rice. However, the poor establishment of dry direct-seeded early rice, primarily induced by chilling stress, has limited the wide […] More

  • Light microscopy image of a cross-section of an Empetrum hermaphroditum leaf with glandular trichome (circle) and stoma (arrow) on the inner leaf surface.

    Snow addition and warming impacts on arctic leaf anatomy and gas exchange

    Climatic changes can result in modified leaf anatomy and gas exchange in arctic plants. In a one-year-old field experiment in Greenland, Schollert et al. investigate the effects of increased snow depth and warming on leaf anatomy, biogenic volatile organic compound (BVOC) emissions and CO2 exchange for the common arctic shrubs Betula nana and Empetrum nigrum […] More