March 9, 2017

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  • Aquilaria cressna seedlings

    A forester’s guide to productivity: predicting the largest trees

    Trees have been, are, and will continue to be a valuable renewable resource for myriad products from construction materials to books. To keep up with demand, the forestry industry tries to maximize tree productivity and stem growth. Predicting tree growth would allow foresters to select the highest yielding trees to maximize productivity in the future. […] More

  • Reconstructed chronological sequence of Amborella trichopoda seed germination

    Seed dormancy of the first flowering plants

    Dormancy mechanisms act to optimise the timing of seed germination for many seed plants. Fogliani et al. demonstrate that the New-Caledonian shrub Amborella trichopoda exhibits a type of morphophysiological dormancy in which the mechanical resistance of surrounding fruit tissues plays a key role in the initial physiological phase. Phylogenetic reconstructions, including data from A. trichopoda, […] More