March 1, 2017

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    Why is population information crucial for taxonomy?

    Despite acceptance in the scientific community that population information and suites of characters are crucial for circumscription of taxonomic groups, new taxa continue to be published on the basis of few herbarium specimens. Given that there is increasing evidence that hybridisation plays an integral part in evolution, it is desirable to identify groups in which […] More

  • Oryza sativa

    Rice seedling tolerance of salinity and anoxic conditions

    Rice (Oryza sativa) can germinate and emerge from anoxic, flooded soils. Salinity, however, compromises seedling establishment. Kurniasih et al. assess the energy requirements for ion regulation in rice coleoptiles during combined salinity and anoxia. Salinity (50 mM NaCl) resulted in a modest (13–15%) increase in ATP production in anoxia. Energy savings were also achieved by a […] More