Twitter versus Facebook: June 2016

This month we learn plants can give and they can take away, but both Nature Plants and AoB PLANTS are happy to give.

Our most popular tweet this month was to a Washington Post story on how moss grab water.

It’s a good story from Sarah Kaplan and well worth a visit. It’s also an excellent example of what Nature are doing with their share links. If you have the right link then you can access the original paper, The upside-down water collection system of Syntrichia caninervis without a subscription.

On Facebook, our readers were more interested in poisons.

Compound Chemistry puts out many excellent infographics, and this one on foxgloves shows how close poison and medicine are.

Like last month AoB PLANTS provided the most popular blogpost, this time on genetic diversity.

Like all the other papers in AoB PLANTS, High levels of genetic diversity and population structure in an endemic and rare species: implications for conservation is Open Access so you can pick it up for free.

Tomorrow we learn what made you angry.

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