Twitter versus Facebook: January 2016

This year for our look back at the past twelve months, I’m going to compare what caught the imagination of our Twitter audience with what our Facebook audience were looking at. I’ll also add the most popular blog post, which might be different as a lot of the time the links we post to social media don’t appear on the blog.

On Twitter, this post – which wasn’t actually by us – came out top.

Yes, our most popular tweet of January was narrowly by JSTORPlants instead of us. The paper it refers to, Plant communities on infertile soils are less sensitive to climate change, by Harrison et al. is now free access.

From Facebook our most popular post was by us, but not to one of our pages.

If you’re not following the In Defense of Plants blog and podcast, then you’ve been missing a treat this year. I’ve not finished running the stats for the year yet, but I’d be amazed if this were the last time I link to IDoP in the end of year roundup.

On the blog it was a guest post from Ian Street that got most views.

Among other things Ian Street introduced me to Groot. I only got round to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy two days ago, so I that was my loss.

Tomorrow, we’ll be taking a look at a cunning plant and an unlucky beetle.