Twitter versus Facebook: February 2016

What did you feel the love for around Valentine's Day? Our look back at Twitter versus Facebook continues...

On Twitter, unlike January our most popular tweet was one of ours… but not to our site.

The Farmer’s Life talked about what you actually find in a Monsanto contract and why it might be there.

Our Facebook followers once again underlined why I post links to In Defense of Plants.

It’s been a good year for mosses this year I think, and it’s always nice to see them getting attention.

I’m not sure if I like the most popular story on the blog this month or not.

I like dung beetles. They’re hard working beetles so I’m not happy to see someone taking advantage of them. On the other hand I do like stories where plants are cunning and exploit animals.

Tomorrow we’ll find if it’s the refuse and waste that’s still popular with our followers.