Twitter versus Facebook: August 2016

In August you had a daring sense of style, both with images and the moves and rhymes to go with them.

Our most popular viewed tweet of August wasn’t actually one of ours, but a tweet from Syngenta.

Anne followed up a press release on a new plant science rap by students at a school and decided Botany needs more rap songs.*

Anne also produced the most popular post on Facebook…

…and on the blog, give her a clean sweep of August.

This was particularly cunning as all the work had been done by Mary Williams, often of Plant Science Today. I agree with Anne, if you’re looking for images for presentations, then the Slideshare presentation by Mary Williams is an excellent place to start.

Tomorrow is all about flowers.

* Note to Anne, there are plenty of songs on Bandcamp that seem obsessed with weed, but not many that take a positive view of gardening. A gap in the market?