November 22, 2016

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  • French cooked snails

    Gardeners 1: Snails 0…

    We at Cuttings HQ hate waste. So, when, and rather belatedly, spring-cleaning the Cuttings’ archives in August 2016, I unearthed a news item penned for November 2014 that hadn’t been published – neither in print nor on the AoB Blog! – I knew it had to be given an appropriate airing. And, as luck would […] More

  • Determinants of crown depth at three organizational levels.

    Functional significance of crown shape diversity and plasticity across tropical tree species

    It has been maintained that selection for sapling performance in the strongly limiting light conditions of tropical forest understorey is likely to maximise whole-plant light capture efficiency. In their investigation of a suite of morphological traits at various hierarchical scales, Laurans et al. found no evidence to support this hypothesis among and within 14 tree […] More