November 7, 2016

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  • Caxiuanã National Forest Reserve in the lowland Amazon Rainforest.

    To cope, or not to cope: tropical rainforest tree leaves show little response to drought

    Drought will become more severe in tropical rainforests as climate change continues. This could cause widespread tree mortality in these forests, unless the trees are able to acclimate and produce leaves that can tolerate dry conditions (structures known as xeromorphic leaves). However, there are very few studies of tropical tree responses to drought due to […] More

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    Mapping developmental zones at the root apex using the multiple structural change algorithm

    In the root apex, cell length is a function of its position within a cell file. Applying a mathematical approach using a multiple structural change (MSC) algorithm, Pacheco-Escobedo et al. developed a spatial model to identify that the growing part of Arabidopsis root is composed of three discrete developmental zones: the proliferation domain (PD), the […] More