November 6, 2016

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  • Dynamic of flower opening and closure throughout the day

    Complementary circadian rhythms regulate floral attractiveness and reward in Silene colorata

    Most Silene species possess either diurnal or nocturnal pollination syndromes. Prieto-Benítez et al. study a Silene species with mixed floral features to reveal the finely tuned relationships between flower responses such as petal opening, nectar production and scent emission, and overall pollination success as governed by complementary circadian rhythms. The circadian rhythm regulating floral attractiveness […] More

  • Scheme of the nine mechanical compartments and the spatial limits.

    Anchorage failure is prevented by a rigid central part of the root system

    Storms can cause catastrophic damage to European forests. Surmising that anchorage is partly determined by root architecture, Dorval et al. computed the mechanical characteristics of the main components of root systems from 3D digitising data of 48 undamaged, leaning or heavily toppled Pinus pinaster trees from stands damaged by a storm 3 years previously. The […] More