November 4, 2016

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  • Chloroplast genome map of Cytinus hypocistis showing annotated genes.

    The first plastid genome for the plant parasite family Cytinaceae

    Parasitic plants are a noticeable exception to the evolutionary stability of the plastid genome, but only some parasite lineages have been sequenced so far. Roquet et al. provide the complete plastome of Cytinus hypocistis, the first parasite sequenced for Malvales. This extremely divergent genome is highly reduced and some regions of this genome are likely […] More

  • Proteoid root clusters of Leucadendron salicifolium and Viminaria juncea

    Soil bacteria can promote or inhibit the formation of root clusters

    Root clusters (also known as proteoid or cluster roots) are bunches of hairy rootlets recorded in > 1800 species from nine families so far. The possible involvement of microorganisms in root cluster formation has produced conflicting results over the last 40 years. Lamont et al. show that there are circumstances where soil bacteria can promote or inhibit […] More