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Daily Archives: Sep 2, 2016

Plants with similar colours attract different pollinators

Different pollinator groups (bees, ants, wasps, flies, beetles and butterflies) preferentially visit flowers of certain colours. Interestingly, these colour preferences match the predictions of...

NQFF the last

What have you been sharing on Twitter this week? Sadly the death of Roger Tsien, but also some other links you found useful.

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Phylogeny, age and adaptive evolution of genus Allium

The genus Allium L., one of the largest monocotyledonous genera and one that includes many economically important crops with nutritional and medicinal...

Plants from different climates can react to drought in similar ways

How do plants react when circumstances change? One method can be to evolve a local adaptation. Another can be be phenotypic plasticity,...

Not All Pine Needles Are Identical: Lower Crown Loss in Pinus radiata

When fungal infection comes to Pinus radiata, it can run through the bottom of the crown of the tree, removing its leaves....

How do you get more DNA down a pollen tube?

A common event for flowering plants is whole genome duplication (WGD), where a plant gets extra chromosomes. It’s often studied in mature...