Gas exchange measurements on Miscanthus leaves

Miscanthus has a high yield potential, but even though it is less cold sensitive than other C4 species, it emerges later in spring than C3 species. Xiurong et al. identified one Miscanthus sacchariflorus with a level of cold tolerance similar to Miscanthus × giganteus.

Miscanthus. Image by U.S. Department of Agriculture / Flickr.

They also found a positive linear correlation between net photosynthesis and shoot growth rate as well as specific leaf area. These are relatively easy to measure and useful for the screening of productivity and cold tolerance. The Miscanthus genotype with high cold tolerance can be useful for breeding of new interspecies hybrids or cultivation in temperate climates.

Further reading

Xiurong Jiao, Kirsten Kørup, Mathias Neumann Andersen, Karen Koefoed Petersen, Thomas Prade, Stanisław Jeżowski, Szymon Ornatowski, Barbara Górynowicz, Idan Spitz, Poul Erik Lærke, Uffe Jørgensen, 2016, 'Low-temperature leaf photosynthesis of a Miscanthus germplasm collection correlates positively to shoot growth rate and specific leaf area', Annals of Botany, vol. 117, no. 7, pp. 1229-1239