July 15, 2016

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  • 大車前草 Plantago asiatica

    Competition effects on plastic and genotypic responses to [CO2]

    Plant–plant interactions could mediate vegetation responses to rising atmospheric CO2 concentration ([CO2]), because some plants benefit more from [CO2] elevation than others. Van Loon et al. investigated how changes in performance due to elevated [CO2] are modified by aboveground plant–plant interactions. They grew Plantago asiatica seeds originating from natural [CO2] springs and from ambient [CO2] […] More

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    Earth’s history and biodiversity – in Technicolor!

    Biodiversity and Earth History. Authors: Jens Boenigk, Sabina Wodniok and Edvard Glücksman. Springer, 2015. This book just blows me away! It is so richly illustrated – adorned is probably the more appropriate word – with colour photographs, images and diagrams that it is a technicolor spectacular (and probably the reason why the pdf version is […] More