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Research Links, a WordPress Plugin for handling DOIs

We’ll be announcing a couple of changes in May here. We’re opening with giving away a small bit of code we use on this site. If you don’t use WordPress, this isn’t much help to you.

You may have noticed how we handle links to papers has changed in the past couple of months. There are now links to Altmetric data and a references section at the bottom of posts where we refer to papers. The code that runs this is called Research Links. It’s a plugin for WordPress that adds a couple of panels to the bottom of the edit page to work with DOIs.

A behind the scenes look at our edit page.
A behind the scenes look at our edit page.

The full details are on my (Alun’s) personal site, along with a warning to be cautious using the code. I cannot over-emphasise how little I want to try debugging other people’s websites for free. But as well as being free of guarantees, it is also free of cost. You are also free to pick it up, pull it apart and re-write it to make it work better for your site.

The plugin only works with self-hosted versions of WordPress. It will not work with blogs on

If you’re wondering why you can’t see the DOI panel on our Write for Us page, that’s because the code wouldn’t work there. If you want to write for us, and link to papers, then we’ll sort out the finicky parts of linking before putting the post live.