May 27, 2016

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  • Iris lutescens

    Spatial distribution of genetic variation in the flower colour polymorphic Iris lutescens

    Flower colour polymorphism in plants had been used as a classic model for understanding the importance of neutral processes versus natural selection in population differentiation. Iris lutescens (Iridaceae) is a widespread species in the northern Mediterranean basin, which shows a stable and striking purple–yellow flower colour polymorphism. Using an extensive sampling over the distribution range […] More

  • Simplified models of the pattern of morphological disparity through the Phanerozoic.

    Why should we investigate the morphological disparity of plant clades?

    Macroevolution of major clades is often studied by plotting their taxonomic diversity through time. It is equally informative, but less commonplace, to investigate how clades explore anatomical ‘design’ space by quantifying their morphological disparity through time. Counterintuitively, diversity and disparity are usually decoupled. Metazoan clades often reach their highest disparity relatively early in their evolution, […] More