May 20, 2016

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  • Cephalotaxus koreana. (A) Branch with male cones before pollen shedding. (B) Female cones with pollination drops.

    Pollination drop proteins and ovule transcripts of Cephalotaxus

    Many gymnosperms produce an ovular secretion, the pollination drop, during reproduction. The drops serve as a landing site for pollen, but also contain a suite of ions and organic compounds, including proteins, that suggests diverse roles for the drop during pollination. In the conifer Cephalotaxus koreana, Pirone-Davies et al. examine the proteome of the pollination […] More

  • Changing environments induce phenotype-specific responses. Phenotypic responses to changing environments range from plastic to robust. Environmental changes that occur predictably lead to programmed responses. Shown here is the transition between vegetative and reproductive growth induced by seasonal exposures to low and then high temperatures.

    Molecular mechanisms of noise and robustness

    Robustness, the inverse of noise, is a molecularly programmed feature of biological systems. The molecular networks of some organismal phenotypes like development are designed to maximize robustness, while other phenotypes like disease resistance have their pathways structured to allow for decreased robustness/increased noise to counteract evolution in the attacking organism. Lachowiec et al. describe the […] More