May 18, 2016

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  • Diagram illustrating details of the leaf anatomical traits measured.

    Leaf density contributes the major variation of leaf mass per area in rice

    Understanding the variation of leaf anatomy and its influence on photosynthesis is very important for yield improvement. Xiong et al. found that leaf mass per area (LMA) varies greatly among rice genotypes, and the variation is mainly determined by leaf density rather than leaf thickness. Moreover, the responses of LMA and photosynthesis to nitrogen supplement […] More

  • A diagram illustrating the distinction between genetic accommodation and genetic assimilation. Genetic accommodation is any adaptive genetic change in the environmental regulation of a phenotype.

    Genetic assimilation and the evolution of novelty

    Most, if not all, organisms possess the ability to alter their phenotype in direct response to changes in their environment, a phenomenon known as phenotypic plasticity. Selection can break this environmental sensitivity, however, and cause a formerly environmentally induced trait to evolve to become fixed through a process called genetic assimilation. Characterizing the proximate mechanisms […] More