March 30, 2016

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  • An authentic "Mariscada" from Galicia.

    Decision time: Inorganic or Organic..?

    Plants need appropriate amounts of essential nutrients if they are to grow fully and generate the yield of which they are capable. Quite often, however, one of those essentials – principally, nitrogen (N) – is in insufficient supply in the soil. To achieve maximum crop yields those missing nutrient(s) are added by humans. Traditionally, that […] More

  • Passiflora incarnata

    Variability in style deflexion and its fitness consequences

    Variability of floral traits within individuals is usually regarded as developmental noise and not considered in studies of adaptive evolution. Dai et al. measure style deflexion, a floral trait in Passiflora incarnata responsible for herkogamy and pollen deposition. They find that the degree of style deflexion varies within and among flowers, and different plants show […] More