March 29, 2016

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    SPECIAL ISSUE: Scaling effects regulating plant response to global change

    AoB PLANTS is pleased to announce the publication of a Special Issue titled Scaling Effects Regulating Plant Response to Global Change, edited by Elise Gornish (University of California, Davis, USA) and Sebastian Leuzinger (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand). As a result of the increasing speed and magnitude in which habitats worldwide are experiencing environmental change, making […] More

  • Vigna sinensis

    Cell wall matrix polysaccharides and mesophyll cell morphogenesis

    The acquisition of the photosynthetic mesophyll cell shape in the dicotyledonous species Vigna sinensis and the fern Asplenium nidus is the result of the coordination of (a) the cortical microtubule alignment that controls cellulose microfibril orientation and (b) the local differentiation of the cell wall matrix polysaccharides, a rather general phenomenon, also described in monocotyledonous […] More