March 24, 2016

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    Bergamot versus beetle: evidence for intraspecific chemical specialization

    Many plant-eating insects have developed the ability to eat plants that synthesize toxins, which they use to defend themselves against herbivores. While these specialized insects are good at dealing with specific plant toxins, plant species with highly variable chemistry can present a challenge. In a new study published in AoB PLANTS, Keefover-Ring tested for reciprocal […] More

  • Schematic overview of possible direct and indirect modes of increased phosphorus (P) uptake in cereal/legume intercropping.

    Crop acquisition of phosphorus, iron and zinc in intercropping (Review)

    Phosphorus (P), iron (Fe) and zinc (Zn) are essential elements for plant growth and development but their availability in soil is often limited. Xue et al. review the processes regulating the acquisition of these nutrients from soil and translocation to grains in cereal/legume intercropping systems. While cereals facilitate Fe/Zn uptake by legumes, there is no […] More