March 3, 2016

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    Floral traits driving reproductive isolation of two co-flowering taxa that share vertebrate pollinators

    Floral attributes evolve in response to frequent and efficient pollinators, which are potentially important drivers of floral diversification and reproductive isolation. In this context, in a new study published in AoB PLANTS, Queiroz et al. investigated pollination in two co-flowering Ipomoea taxa (I. marcellia and I. aff. marcellia) that share the same pollinators (bats and […] More

  • Lonicera etruscas superba

    Effect of nectar robbing on a pollinator-dependent plant

    Nectar robbing commonly has negative consequences for the reproductive success of plants. Because total plant fitness is the result of both female and male functions, Rojas-Nossa et al. studied the effect of nectar robbing on several variables used to characterize both sexual functions of Lonicera etrusca, a pollinator-dependent plant with long tubular flowers that produce […] More